django csrf文档中的这句话应该怎么翻译?

In addition, for HTTPS requests, strict referer checking is done by CsrfViewMiddleware. This is necessary to address a Man-In-The-Middle attack that is possible under HTTPS when using a session independent nonce, due to the fact that HTTP ‘Set-Cookie’ headers are (unfortunately) accepted by clients that are talking to a site under HTTPS. (Referer checking is not done for HTTP requests because the presence of the Referer header is not reliable enough under HTTP.)

另外,对于https请求,CsrfViewMiddleware执行了严格的referer检查。在https下session无关的场合,强调可能发生中间人攻击是有必要的,因为在https下和网站通信,HTTP的‘Set-Cookie’头(不幸)被客户端接收。(对于http请求不需要做referer 检测,因为呈现的Referer头不是足够可信的)


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面纸面纸面纸 9 years, 5 months ago

(不但检查csrf cookie,还检查http header里的referer)
因为在https下和网站通信,HTTP的‘Set-Cookie’头(不幸)被客户端接收。(对于http请求不需要做referer 检测,因为呈现的Referer头不是足够可信的)
(就是说在https下,受到中间人攻击时,csrf cookie可能被截获。要同时检查referer来确保安全)

薄荷味的眼泪 answered 9 years, 5 months ago

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